Are you Money Trapped?

Yes No
1 Have you ever had a pay day loan or a cash advance? 1 2
2 Do you have & use a Spending Plan/Budget? 2 1
3 Do you have a credit score of 740 or more? 2 1
4 Do you have a 4-year college degree? 2 1
5 Do you have a 6-9 month emergency fund (savings)? 2 1
6 Are you saving monthly/regularly for retirement? 2 1
7 Do you own a home with at least $50,000.00 in equity? 2 1
8 Do you have a full-time job or receive retirement income? 2 1
9 Do you own a profitable business or rental property? 2 1
10 Do you eat out (fast food, restaurant, or cafeteria) at least once per week? 1 2
11 Do you talk to your family about good money habits? 2 1
12 Do you use manufacturer’s coupons regularly (weekly – monthly)? 2 1
13 Do you play the lottery or visit a casino every week? 1 2
14 Are you computer literate? 2 1
15 Do you have any outstanding government obligations? 1 2
16 Do you payoff all credit card balances monthly? 2 1
17 Do you know your personal net worth? 2 1
18 Can you afford to leave the next generation over $50,000.00 in liquid assets? 2 1
19 Have you read a nonfiction book within the last 6 months? 2 1
20 Were you totally honest with questions 1-19? 2 1

Your Score:
20-28 You are so trapped that it hurts. Seek help! Join us for Money Trapped! Register at
29-36 The light at the end of the tunnel is near.  Develop a sound plan and work it!
37-40 You are on the right track. Work your plan and incorporate a few new tools.

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